Who’s this “Leah Jane” chick anyway? I mean, what’s her deal?

Who’s this Leah Jane chick anyway? 10352953_10152936008674630_714139088800537851_n

A couple of my friends have recently awarded me the nickname Carmen Sandiego, not because I’m a spy and/or thief but because they can never seem to keep track of where I am. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot.

I confess that I always envisioned myself as a spy when I was younger– but as, like ,a fantasy spy where morality and immorality had clear, set definitions. Much of my childhood ‘spying’ involved running and tumbling through my backyard to defeat my arch-nemesis*, Sally. So, structuring my blog name after the famous game from my childhood seemed appropriate.

Today I am very much not a spy. I am a twenty-two year old recent graduate who studied political science and international affairs. I’m interested in learning about other cultures, international relations, human rights and, well, nurturing my curiosity. Lately I’ve especially been interested how technology is affecting social structures, tradition and societies. By the way, if you want to read a great book on the great technology debate (is it good for us? is it bad for us), I’d recommend Smarter than you think by Clive Thompson**.

I also like: books, photography, dance, and adventures***.

*spies always have arch-nemeses
**I’d also recommend it if you just want a book to read

***What does that even mean, you dork?

Okay, but what’s your deal? 

My blog description lists me as a twenty-something ‘adult’. Adult suspiciously in quotation mark.

After reading my description you may have though “God, not another angsty early-adult blog about ‘finding yourself’ ” Worry not, most blog posts won’t be saturated with lamentations on my uncertain future or my enormous debt (thank you American education system). I often joke that with my friends that your twenties are for ‘not knowing’. You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know what you want to do. You suddenly have to deal with loans and taxes and finding a job that you like….well, just finding a job usually.

I initially started this blog to help my mother keep in touch while I traveled. I wanted to make posts on my daily life, on what I found in new countries and on what I was thinking about. Now this blog is intended to help me explore my interests. It’s a place for me to write down my hypotheses, my ideas, my opinions, my thoughts and my questions. It’s a place for me to organize my thoughts.
Most of all I want to write stories. For me, the most interesting part of traveling is learning about other people. People are really interesting. So, when I write about a topic– any topic– you can probably expect some dialogue and some character development thrown in.

What do you want from us? 

I decided to make it public  because I’m hoping the audience effect will help me continue writing. I’ve tried the whole journal ‘thing’ and I have a shelf of partially filled journals as evidence of my repeated failure. Writing somehow becomes less fun if no one reads it. I like writing to be a conversation. 
I want to hear your thoughts and your ideas.
If you have a blog you think I’ll be interested in– tell me!
If you have something to add to what I’ve written– tell me!
If you want to confess your undying love– te– well, actually maybe don’t tell me that. That might be a little awkward for both of us.

Anyway, that’s me! Who are you?


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