What’s the news like over there?: Flight 325 Crash

Over the last week news on the most recent Transasia airways class has dominated the news. First,  dash cam videos of the plane crashing into the river spread from news source to news source* then began speculation on the cause of the crash. Here is the most recent update from BBC News.

Taiwanese airline TransAsia Airways says it is cancelling 90 flights so that its pilots can attend training, after one of its planes crashed on Wednesday. Flight GE235 plunged into a river in the capital Taipei, killing at least 40 of the 58 people on board. Officials are probing why both plane engines were off during the crash. Data suggests that the pilots, who are among the dead, may have shut one engine off after the other lost power.”….

Divers and rescuers are scouring the river for three more people who remain missing. Fifteen others were rescued alive from the plane on Wednesday.

Thomas Wang, executive director of Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council, said on Friday that the plane’s right engine triggered an alarm just 37 seconds after taking off from the Taipei’s Songshan airport…. However, he said data showed that the engine had in fact been moved into idle mode. Seconds later, the pilots shut down the left engine, meaning neither engine was producing any power. A restart was attempted, but the plane crashed 72 seconds later.

Officials said it was unclear why the left engine had been turned off, especially as the plane, an ATR 72-600, is able to fly with just one functioning engine. Mr Wang said it was too early to draw firm conclusions about why the first engine had lost power but he told the BBC that the pilots had not followed normal procedure. Officials have praised the chief pilot, Liao Chien-tsung, who is believed to have deliberately steered the plane away from blocks of flats and commercial buildings before the crash.

* Here’s an article from Time magazine containing the video I referenced and a short article on the spread of dashcams


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