What’s the news like over there?: Aftermath of Kaohsiung hostage standoff

I know,  I know, it’s late!

Taiwan President Urges More Prison Oversight in Wake of Hostage Standoff

After a prison hostage standoff in Taiwan that ended early Thursday with the suicides of six inmates, President Ma Ying-jeou condemned the hostage taking and called for a strengthening of prison oversight.

“Compatriots have been shocked by the Kaohsiung Prison incident, which has revealed gaps in prison management,” Mr. Ma said in a written statement. He ordered a full review of the standoff at the penitentiary in southern Taiwan, with corrective measures to be put in place within a week.

The six inmates shot themselves early Thursday, while two prison staff members were released unharmed after being held for 14 hours, said Chen Ming-tang, a vice minister in the Justice Ministry….Taiwan news outlets broadcast a series of grievances from the men about their trials and the conditions inside the prison. The six men also complained that former President Chen Shui-bian, who was convicted of embezzlement and taking bribes in 2009, had been released on medical parole in January, which they saw as unfairly lenient.

All hostages were safely released.


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