WTNLOT: China gives aid to Nepal while Taiwan is rejected

A Chinese medical team arrives in Kathmandu, Nepal. (Image found on Xanhua news)


“Though dozens of Taiwanese were still missing in Nepal, and Taiwan has strong capabilities in disaster recovery and relief, the island was not asked to participate, Vice Foreign Minister Andrew Kao said Monday. (Taiwan NGOs and religious groups do plan to go and Taiwan people have already raised a large sum of money to support the recovery effort.)

It’s still uncertain whether Taiwan’s exclusion is an oversight or a (very poorly timed) slight. But it is clear that a mere two days after the quake, as Nepalis dig barehanded for their loved ones, and families sleep outside in the pouring rain, geopolitical questions loom large. Chief among them is how China’s involvement in the recovery effort could further change the balance of power in the region, challenging India and potentially putting Nepal’s Tibetan exile community at risk.


If neighborly sentiment means more aid for those still waiting in the ruble, few will complain. But Nepal has reason to wonder if this assistance will also bring a push for greater control.”- Found on Time Magazine

Taiwan, to my eyes, has been stepping up efforts to get involved with international affairs recently. The government is incredibly interested in raising Taiwan’s international profile. I have to wonder, how Taiwanese people are seeing Nepal’s rejection, especially given China’s growing influence in the region. How will this affect any future agreements the Taiwanese government may want to pursue with China? How do members of the Sunflower movement feel about this? How do those uninvolved in the movement, or even opposed to it, feel? For those who view China as a potential economic ally, or for those who are from Taiwan but work in China, does the knowledge that China’s influence in Nepal may have affected Nepal’s rejection sway their opinion. If one further considers the fact that Taiwanese people are currently missing in Nepal, does that further affect their opinion? How much?


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